Send an Email notification for the running Amazon EC2 Instances


This article describes a business use case to send an email notification for running Amazon EC2 instances.


  • User should have a working Integration tenant.

  • User should have a working Amazon account.


  1. Login to Integration tenant and create a Workflow.

  2. Drag and drop the Amazon EC2 connector to the workflow palette.

  3. Click the Settings to configure the Amazon EC2 connector. Select the describeInstances action and add an account to authorize it.

  4. In the next screen, click Next. Test the action and click Done.

  5. Drag and drop the Loop to the workflow palette.

  6. Click on Settings of Loop to configure it. Select Loop Type as Each Item and map the response from the describeInstances to the Source Array/Object as shown below.

  7. In the next screen, click Next. Test the action and click Done.

  8. Double click on loop to configure the action for the loop.

  9. Drag and drop the Switch under Developer Tools to the workflow palette.

  10. Now drag and drop the Send an Email under notification to the workflow palette. This should be connected to the Switch in step 9.

  11. Click on Settings of Case 1 to configure the condition. Add a condition that should send an email notification when the Amazon EC2 has running instances as shown below.

  12. Click the Settings to configure the Send an Email. Click Done on the next screen that appears.

  13. Provide the necessary inputs to send an email. Map the fields from the describeInstances response if required.

  14. Skip testing the action in the next screen, then click on Done.

  15. Now, the loop should appear as shown below.

  16. Save and execute the workflow. Check the execution history for the results.