Selenium Testing


As the subject suggests our test team are looking to automate testing using Selenium, which works well on non-webMethods systems.
However I’ve been told that when deploying webMethods the page/portlet id’s used by the internal webMethods DB change, thus rendering the automated test scripts invalid after every deploy!

Does anybody know of a way to correct this behaviour?



I found some documentation, from a few years back, relating to this problem using the Application Designer.

This is exactly what I’m looking for in Designer



ANYBODY… :cry:

Selenium (or more recently WebDriver) have flexible selectors that can easily compensate for the dynamic nature of the first segment of those ids.

For example, if you want to select some table element with an id that ends with the text “_id_sufix” in a WebDriver test, you can use a CSS selector that looks something like this:


Please consult the selenium documentation for more examples.

Thanks Eric - I’ve now been appointed to set-up some examples and I’m currently discovering css-selectors!