Selecting and Updating Large amt of Data


We have one time activity where we need to select around 50-30 thousand rows or more from one table … and based on the result update certain fields in another table. and update will also be same no as insert.
Just want to know will loading such large amount of data at one go can be done by wM

(Had the no of rows been less then it would have been done using two adapter services , select and update)

Can anyone suggest me a better and faster method.


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I would offer that IS is probably not the right tool for this particular task. Particularly a one-off solution.

Can you suggest me some other efficient tool which we can look forward to do such select and update ? Looked at the option of using SQL Loader but not sure on how can it make an update on target table based on some key valu fetched in the select query.

SQL Loader cannot do updates (nor selects–it just appends data or truncates and then adds).

Sounds like you’re using Oracle? I’d probably just create some PL/SQL to do the work. The new MERGE statement might be a fit here, but that depends on the source and target tables (and their keys).

Search the web for update … where … select … type of examples. There are a lot of good techniques posted. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an example that fits your situation.

just wanted to update my query stmt - I am working with two different data bases , making a selection on one database table and updating a table in another database based on the selection.