I have a listbox with a SelectableListTableContentProvider used to store the values. When I move to another portlet, I am attempting to save the values in the list. As I run through the code in debug, I can “see” the values when I assign it to a List Object, but when I then try to send the List Object toArray, the value is stored as Null.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to store the values into a preference value and then retrieve the value when the user returns to the screen and set the values in the list box to what has been stored in the preference values?

I am fairly new to CAF and have picked up a lot from a mentor, but I am not able to solve this Java Object problem.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

List l1 = getSelectedProvider().getList();

	userData.getPreferences().setPreference("selectedProviderList", l1.toArray(),true);

Thank you