Security Certificate Issue --

We are trying to receive documents from a BizTalk server.
We have webMethods 4.6.
We have installed their server cert and Root CA certs in the trusted root directory .
We are receiving the documents as Unknown giving the following error in our TN.
In Servicewm.ip.rnif11.trp:validateSignatureAndHeaders:

Signature verification failed.
In servicewm.ip.rnif11.util:verifySignature: Certificate

Authority (CA) is untrusted [ESRN11.000031.000002]

We get the error " Certificate Authority (CA) is untrusted".
I am not sure why ?
We have your cert installed in our trusted directory as well. The only difference I could notice is that previous issuer for your 15 day cert is Verisign and now for your new cert its Secure Server Certification Authority.

Regular cert— works fine

OU = For VeriSign authorized testing only. No assurances (C)VS1997 OU = Incorp. By Ref. Liab. LTD. O = VeriSign, Inc

Staging server cert— Gives Error

OU = Secure Server Certification Authority
O = RSA Data Security, Inc.
C = US

Any help/suggestions ?


Hey Bhaskar,
How are you?
working hard? :slight_smile:
Try configuring the certificates in the RN profile again.

Nice to hear from you.
Tried that option as well.
Is there any difference using two chain and three chain certs?
Does wm Support any issuer say RSA Data Inc ?
Because if the issuer name on the cert is verisign things work fine.
Otherwise they fail.