Securing APIs using JSON Web Token in API Gateway and get claims from Application specifique


We need to restor some key/value (claims) from application and put it in Headers request.

For example we have an API “test” and for this API we created an Application “testApp” in this application, we have a claims "{“testClaims”: “001”}. So we add a policy “Identify & Authorize” with type JWT. Now we wanted to access to our API with JWT and also restore the claim and put it in Headers in request transformation.

We are using API Gateway advanced edition version 10.11.


Is that your requirement is to authenticate your native service with JWT token that used authorized your API ? if so try with the below


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Hello Dinesh,

The problem is when we get the JWT (without claims) and we pass as a bearer token to invoke the API is working but when we use (with claims) is not working.

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