Secure FTP

Can we do Secure FTP using basic services procided in webMethods B2B Server?

To do SecureFTP from webMethods, do we require any other piece of software? If yes, is it from webMethods or third-party?
If it is from thrid-party, how does it work with webMethods?

Anybody used CONNECT:Enterprise software for secure FTP? It is a prodcut from Sterling Commerce.

We have a situation where we need FTP over 128-bit SSL Encryption. The FTP server is using CONNECT:Enterprise(A Sterling Commerce product) for this purpose. I want to know whether we can use SMIME for FTP over SSL or not.
If not then what is the alternate for this. Do we need certain kind of software at client-side(b2b-server side) to do FTP GET on that server? If yes, then what software and how it will work with B2B Server.

We would appriciate it very much if you can reply quickly.


I am trying to use the SSL feature incorporated into FTP on the 6.5 IS server.


The FTPS implementation in IS 6.5 only supports explicit mode FTPS (aka AUTH TLS). This is specifiied in RFC 4217 and 2228. Implicit mode (port 990) has been deprecated, there is lots of information about all of this here:

You may also be interested in 6.5 Fix 28 which allows you to set up a port range for passive data transfers. Fix 22 may also be of interest.

– Tim