Secure FTP in IS 6.1

What is the best way to do FTP files securely (either with FTPS or SFTP)?
I couldn’t find any built-in services or a way to create Secure FTP port in IS 6.1 Administrator.

Do you recommend any third party tools/services to accomplish this?
Also which is better FTPS or SFTP


It depends upon your requirement. FTP is okay if you are connecting to the third party servers, but SFTP is advisable only if you are try to connect internal systems.

Search the forums for third party SFTP tools like JSch etc. There is also a post on how to implement SFTP using webMethods.

Hi Guys,

This is pretty new area for me to explore SFTP.
I did use JSCH libraries to connect to SFTP and works fine.

Challenge is we have to connect to a SFTP server outside our network and I have to connect using a proxy, IS Admin console provides a provision to setup proxy server but that provision applies to ftp services gives by WmPublic (I suppose). Is there way to setup proxy for manually created java service to connect to SFTP server?

IS Version : 7.1.1

Your inputs would help us a lot.


gotcha, I totally forgot about setting proxy while creating jsch session.
Well I have still not tried it, keeping fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Keep you guys updated.