Searching for "Getting Started with BPM" guide

Hi there,

In the “Administering webMethods Process Engine” guide (for version 9.12), I found an interesting reference to a “Getting Started with BPM” guide on page 7:

“Additional information about processes can be found in the Software AG Designer online help, Monitoring BPM, Services, and Documents with BAM: webMethods Monitor User’s Guide, and the Getting Started with BPM guide. This guide assumes you are already familiar with process model design and business process monitoring.”

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything like a “Getting Started with BPM” guide in the Tech Community documentation download section. Could you please point me at the referenced document? Thanks a lot!

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Hallo Thomas,
Can you check if the document in below link is the one you are interested in?


Hi Senthil,

Thanks for your quick response with the link. The referenced PDF document seems to be identical in content with the Designer online help for BPM Process Development Help, and I have already worked a lot in that document! I just got the impression from the cited reference in the “Administering webMethods Process Engine” guide that there was another “Getting Started with BPM” guide, but I could not find it. Anyway, I am already on a good track with the online help…

Thanks again!