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A noob question maybe but, is there a way to find out where a field is mapped across a package?

Let’s suppose that I have a package with several services and I want to find out where a specific field is mapped.

Is there a way please?

Its a good question to me :slight_smile:

Explore the flow.xml file in the package on your IS file system.

Thanks Mahesh. But let’s say I don’t know the service but only the package where that field should be mapped. How I do that?

One option might be to export the package to local pc and search it by using Grep (i.e. BareGrep).

But this can be cumbersome depending on the size of package and flows and due to the circumstance that the flow.xml are not very user-friendly formatted.

On the other side it is not guaranteed, that if the field is named the same in different services that it is used for the same purpose/content.

So be very careful with this approach.


What is your need and requirement. Please specify, lets think of another approach if it exists. :slight_smile:

Hi Cip ,

Try with following unix command

find /full path to package location/IntegrationServer/packages/ -name ‘*.xml’ -exec grep -li “Search String” {} ;

It will list all the flow.xml file which service contains Search String variable.