Search Field Opeator Changes

Hello guys,

Has anybody happened to change the Search Operator on an Task after it was created from Business Data Document.

I have created three fields and I picked the Search Operator as “=”. I would like to change it to “LIKE”. I am able to find in Designer “InboxBar” portlet, the Search Fields Operator properties.

Can anybody tell me where can I change the Property of an Search field from “=” to “LIKE”.

Thanks in Advance,

This is done! I didn’t find the Operator to change it with what I wanted (from = to LIKE). I have 14 Tasks and have three search fields from Business Data Document in each Task. I have to delete and recreate all the three search fields.

I thought I will find the operator in(Designer) Activity Search Query/Search Fields/Organizer.operator property.

Thanks for taking time to look at the issue.