search at the top

How does the search at the top right work - and how is it configured to search against specific terms - I don’t see anything in the manual on how to work or configure this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

In order to enable the search functionality in MWS, it is necessary to activate the checkbox “Search” under Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Cluster Administration (login as sysadmin). This step needs to happen before going to Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Content > Search Admin and selecting “resynch Indexes” for luceneSearch.

Hope this helps,

thanks - that worked perfectly - any reason why this search service isn’t enabled out of the box like the search input and button are enabled out of the box? does it cause performance issues?

No, it doesn’t cause a performance issue. However, our standard Fabric UIs don’t surface the search by default and hence it wasn’t high priority to get it out the door pre-configured. We might actually change this for the next release. Thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile: