scrolling right whithin natural prorgam editor

I want to see a long line in the editor(exceeds 80 chr…)
there used to be a pf11 key in profile defined to it ,but its assignd to a diffrent command now…
what is the command to scroll right in natural prorgam editor?


I have never seen this in a normal Natural program editor on the mainframe. Possibly you were using the Natural ISPF editor and a different 3270 model than the normal one (model 2)?

When I have a long line in the program editor and want to see it, I use the .S command to split the line. More often than not I would leave it split for ease of maintenance.

You could try %W> (window right) but I don’t think it will actually help in the editor…the split command Brian suggests is what I usually use also.

Enter L in the command line of the program editor to list the source. From there you can scroll right and left.