Script Blocks Question

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Is there any relationship between CAF sections (view root, form) and the final html sections (head, body)?

Can I include script blocks in CAF for the head tag in html?

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The portlet’s view file won’t be rendered until well after the “html” and “head” tag are rendered. They are executed while the “body” tag is being rendered.

The only mechanism that you currently have for modifying the contents of the head tag are by modifying the html_head.nbsp file. This file is located in MWS/server//deploy/portal.war/ui/system/html_head.nbsp

MWS will not pay attention to any modifications to this file unless you start in debug mode. (I’d recommend making a backup before making any changes).
Once you restart in debug mode (and after many other files are recompiled) you can make changes to this file and each browser request will force a recompile.

Please note that any upgrade is likely to revert any of your changes and you’ll need to re-apply them.
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Thanks Mark.

A friend is trying to implement jquery on image clasification. I have not experience on jquery but looking on the example he gave me, the jquery scripts are located in the head sections. That was the reason of my post. I’d attached the example, please take a look on it (if you can) and tell me if its possible to do it.

regards. (109 KB)

I know that others have integrated JQuery js libs with CAF. You can certainly include all of the css, images and javascript files into the section of the page. I don’t think that i can commit to spending the time on this JQuery example though to help you fully integrate it.


Thanks Mark. It was not my intention you help me to implement, I’ve attached the example to be more clear in my question.

When you say: “You can certainly include all of the css, images and javascript files into the section”, I assume that you refer to the first mail where you say about modify the file is located in MWS/server//deploy/portal.war/ui/system/html_head.nbsp. Is that ok?