SchemaConversion_4_1_1_1 "no type" problem.

I find converting an XSD to TSD, if I have an element that does not specify a type, like

<xs:element name=“myelement” minOccurs=“0”/>

(equivaleny to it having a type of xs:anyType)

The converter creates it in the TSD as:

<xs:element name = “myelement”
type = “xyz:no type” minOccurs = “0”></xs:element>

(where xyz is my schema’s namespace prefix)

This looks to me like a bug…

I’m sorry…it was not the converter doing that…this was introduced by after editing the result with the Tamino Schema Editor (
I will repost this with an appropriate subject line.

Thank you for your valuable input, this is obviously a bug of TSE.

Changing the prefix of the targetNamespace shouldn’t have any effect on the type value “no type”.

Type “no type” indicates the user that there was no type attribute given for the corresponding element- or attribute definition.

Adding/changing prefixes for targetNamespace should only have effect on type-values, referring to user-defined global type definitions.

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