Schema with xml and non xml element

Hi to all

I want to store the following fields.

id, nameof image, and image. so these three fields i want to store. how i can achieve this. can you please help me how i can define the schema

regards sreeju

Hello sreeju,

there are at least two ways of doing that.

1. Using XML

  • create a schema which defines an XML document which has the fields
    you mentioned and define them of type xs:string (if your ID is a number,
    use some different type for that)
  • before storing the image, convert it to its base64 representaion and store
    all the information in XML

2. Using WebDAV

  • using the old external WebDAV Server or, if you have some time to wait,
    using the new built-in WebDAV interface which comes with Tamino 4.4,
    simply store the image as binary
  • add the id and name as userdefined properties via the PROPPATCH
  • the peropties set via PROPPATCH can be retreieved via XQuery for
    further processing