Schema and Dictionary

HI all,

  i created a schema with reference of a dictionary and i can use that schema in several places coz i create a schema with the reference of is working file.

But when i am creating schema with out dictionary i can not access this schema while converting a flatfile…
Is it possible to access that schema with out dictionary while converting a flatfile into ISdoc?
can we use that schema in multiple places without dictionary.

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yes … what is the error?


Hi Shaik,

when i am using a schema with out creating a dictionary while converting a flat file to xml
I am getting this error…

[FFP.0012.0004] Found no valid records

i will tell u the steps which i have done.

when i am executing…
documentToxml service is not executing .

can you please help me on this.


If records within the flat file do not have an identifier then a dictionary must be created.

I don’t think its right .We can still create a FFSchema with ‘recordWithNoID’ as record identifier right?

When creating the schema how did you define your record .Did you try using ‘recordWithNoID’ ?


From the documentation:

“…if your flat file schema does not contain any record identifiers, you must specify a default record. A default record can only be defined in a flat file dictionary.

If a default record has not been specified, the record will be treated as undefined data.”

So if the flat file Sri is working on has at least one record with an identifier, then yes you’re correct–recordWithNoID can be used to get the raw, unparsed data for records without an identifier. It’s somewhat rare for this approach to be useful.

Chances are the file Sri is working with has no identifiers in any of the records. IME, that’s usually the case. So Sri needs to define a dictionary to define the default record, then refer to that record definition from within the flat file schema.

Thanks for your responses…

yes, i have created schema without any identifier…by using “recordWithNoID”



If the incoming documnet from the source does not have the sender information then it will cause the problem selecting the processing rule. their is any other approach without having sender and receiver information .As the client is not ready to change schema.


I am assuming the question is regarding TN processing rules.If that’s the case then:
You can do it by document type as your recognition criteria if and only if the sender and receiver are the only ones using that doc type.So it would be sender- any,receiver -any and doc type is “specific” doc type