Scheduling services

I have a service in 7.1 with input parameter. I need to schedule it in IS with different inputs. How can I do it?

Any response will be appreciated.


I imagine it is the same in 7.x as with 6.x–with the IS Administrator, you can’t. The UI doesn’t provide for user inputs.

But you can using the built-in services. Refer to the built-in services reference for details. The key is once the task is scheduled, never change it using IS Administrator or your inputs will be lost. You probably want to code the service so that it either assumes a good default input value or does nothing at all if no input is present.

First of all what do you mean by different inputs, I mean like if you want to tell scheduler to pick up different input, is it time based? Can you explain more about it.In that case I would suggest do it in the service conditionally and store the input pipeline in a configuration file. If it is the same input always, then you can hard code it in the service itself. Sorry, but if you can explain a bit more that would be good for us to understand
And yes there is no change in scheduler behaviour from 6.x to 7.x


Hello Reamon, is it possible for you to explain in more details what you mean with “you can using the built-in services”?.

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There are built-in services you can call from your own services to create a scheduled task. Refer to the built-in services reference for details.