Schedules stuck in "running" status - how to monitor?

Hello everyone,

I was curious if anyone was able to successfully set up some sort of monitoring for when situations occur like a schedule runs and stays in a “running” status for a lot longer than it is supposed to and doesn’t come out of it unless I manually disable/enable the schedule.

Yes, i have to determine the root cause for the problem, but for right now, I would at least like to be alerted when the problem occur, as this is happening a lot. Anybody done this already and can provide a tip on how to get this done?

For instance, set up something to where if a program detects that a schedule has been in a running status for 5 minutes straight, send an email out.


Hi JoeG,

this should be available via Optimize for Infrastructure.

There is a possibility to monitor the runtime duration of services.


Hi Joe, in 8.2 we have a service similar to your requirements. It invokes services in pub.scheduler to determine which tasks are currently running (execState = 1), suspended, etc. and generates email alert. It does not check for how long a service has been running, but I suppose that is doable. If a particular service is active on two successive alerts, we investigate as that is a possible issue.