Schedulers not running after DST and IS not coming up after Server restart

Hi Team,

We could see that the schedulers were not running in the IS after DST.

We tried restarting the service but the IS server is not coming up though i can see the status as running in the windows service.

Kinldy help at the Earliest. we are facing this issue in prod.

Hi Priyanka,

please check if your have the latest IS Core Fix & DC DBS Fix applied to your installation and have migrated ISinternal database schema to the latest version appropriate to your IS Version. There has been an issue with transitioning to and from daylight savings.

You can suspend and reactivate the scheduled tasks to get them working again until database issue is fixes.

Always provide your wM version and applied fixes (if any), as this will help us to give more detailed informations about missing fixes.


Check if this helps:

KB #: 1792377


IS schedulers hung after daylight savings.

For all types for schedulers in IS server, the next run shows 0.0 and the target service not executing.


Set the extended property


Sites can suspend and resume their tasks, beginning with the complex tasks (which is the source of the issue), then proceeding through the one-time and interval tasks.

Software AG has identified the core issue and the solution will be included in the next official core Fixes.

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