Scheduler Stuck Next Run 0.0

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Integration Server 10.3

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Customer License

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My IS on Scheduler every task Next Run is showing 0.0 Active and when i’m trying to suspend it and activate it again it still showing Active Next Run 0.0, we checked the server got no storage and memory problem, after doing a Integration Server restart, the problems seems gone and schedulers running normally, what i want to achieve is, what really happened? and the only solution is to restart the server? Because it’s happening in production so i’m trying to seek what happened to the IS and the best practice to handle this kind of problems without doing a restart. Thanks

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

Checked server.log and WMERROR it has no error message and my Server Logging is on Info

Here are the supporting images

Also report said this was happening on the OS when the scheduler stuck does it have any relation?


pleaese check if you have latest fixes applied.

Remember to check for DatabaseScripts Fixes as well.


i think my Integration Server has no latest fixes applied, is it true?

Hi Vincent,

seems so.


i will try to find out if the latest patches is available to install on the server, but how about the issues happened that causing the schedulers requires to restart the server? do you have any idea about what is the rootcause?

Might be an issue with a missing database column RUN_AT on the table IS_USERS_TASKS.
Therefore asking for appying the Fixes and see if it disappears.

On the other side this might be a connectivity issue between IS and database.
In this case you should check for the Database driver fixes.


Oh i forgot to mention that, our IS don’t use Cluster JDBC Pools, so we used embedded DB Schedulers

Hi Vincent,

it does not matter if it is embedded database, single instance external db or cluster external db.

Even for embedded database, there are some updated db scripts available.


Hi Vincent,
I believe for those task, “Repeat after completion” is set to true. “Active Next Run 0.0,” happens when the task is ready to run (or missed the current schedule) but not able to run because the previous execution of the scheduled task is still not completed within the specified interval. Please check whether the mentioned services are running or not. Also I see the target is “Any Server” , so is the external database is shared among other IS nodes.


Hi Jaideep,

as Vincent stated that they are using embedded database it cannot be shared amongst other nodes.
“Any Server” will also work with single instances, this should not be causing issues in this case.


Over the many years we’ve had this issue from time to time with the scheduler (there is just one scheduler, which manages the defined tasks – though people often refer to the tasks as “schedulers” though I’m not sure why).

In the multiple times this symptom hit us, we never found it was due to anything specific with the tasks. It always ended up be a fix of some sort from SAG.

Also over the years, it is common for resolved issues to pop up again in later versions. Countless times we’ve been hit by a bug that was fixed in one version but shows up in a later version – because the fix wasn’t carried forward. Understandable, sort of, that it happens for a complex tool set and with versions in development, testing, etc. But still annoying.

So even if you have the latest fixes for 10.3, you may want to search for fixes in older versions. You may find one that has not been migrated/made available for 10.3 and you can ask SAG to apply it to 10.3 (if it isn’t OOM yet).

Alright, so the temporary solution is to apply fixes 10.3, do we have any guide/documentation to apply patch on Linux Machine?

Hello Jaideep, you are right the “Repeat after completion” is enabled, also i’m using embedded DB JDBC Pools, so we only use single instances i guess there is no problem with other IS Nodes, if you were talking the last task not able to run, why it does affect to all of the schedulers though?

Hi Vincent,
The other reason could be the the service that is getting invoked in not completing within 20 sec (I see 20 sec as the interval). Can you please check the service is it getting completed within 20 sec by either putting some debug statements or checking the service log if service auditing is enabled?


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