Scheduler run error

Dear all

Recently IS server upgrade from 8.0 to 9.9 And I use MasterScheduler to create every scheduler but show below error log

[ISS.0137.0014E] Scheduler: Error updating status in database: Invalid task ID efb468d0-ac83-11e6-a113-8188d2c49107

I’m confused that the taskID is not exist at TN DB (IS_USER_TASKS/IS_DATASTORE) and the error don’t show at IS 8.0

Anyone have any idea?



Hi Mandy,

can you check the table IS_USER_TASKS in the database used for ISInternal function?

This table holds the informations about the configured schedulers.

Might it be that the schedulers got new IDs during migration?


Deleting the existing scheduler (user created) and re-creating them might help. Try this option if you are still with the issue.