Scheduler jobs go missing on 9.8

We are experiencing our scheduler jobs missing from time to time on our various IS’s and cannot figure out the root cause. We are running on 9.8, this did not happen on 8.2. We are using Terracotta for clustering only, which is one thing that is different for us.

Anyone have any ideas of where to start looking for the root cause of this?

Is this triggered by restarting of the system?
Do you see any error messages in server log or error log?

No, it doesn’t seem to happen when we cycle the IS’s. Unfortunately we’re unaware of the jobs missing whenever it happens and therefore we no longer have our logs to see if there’s been an error. Not sure what to grep for in case there’d be something on our current logs, we do keep up to 5 days worth.

Can you please share your logs for the last 5 days.


Are the schedulers by any chance ‘Run Once’ (One time tasks) type? if so, they will be removed once they are done with their scheduled job.

if that is the case and if you want to have a repeating job scheduler then opt for Repeating Tasks With a Simple Interval or Complex intervals


the repeating schedulers are stored in the table IS_USER_TASKS in the ISInternal database portion.

Can you inspect this table for further analysis.


Is it possible to create the scheduler using the database table instead of IS page? Is there any impact?

Krishna, can you give a try and let us know your observations if possible ?


Hii Krishna,

please check the services under WmPublic/pub.scheduler:*.

See Build-In_Services_Reference for Details.

Please cross-check the list from IS-Admin against the content of the database table IS_USER_TASKS.
If there is a discrepancy, something went wrong, but if not this means that the schedulers have either been deleted manually or by system after their “run once” was done.


let me check on this.