Scheduler Hung


The Scheduler in Production is hung frequently . This makes our scheduled jobs not running frequently leads to files are not moving to the Target location.

we are using the FTP mechanism. We are entering into the FTP session and we are using the FTP:get to get the files. and moving the files to target location and then we are using ftp:logout to close the session.

If the scheduler is fine and running properly there are no issues.
If the Scheduler is hung , unable to move the files and the files are struck.

I had referred previous posts, they are saying that , implement the ftp:logout in catch block… I felt strange how can we implement this.

If we open the FTP session and moving the files successfully executed the files transfer. And we had implemented FTP :logout in catch block. When the Session is going to close.

Can Any body help in this issue on implementing FTP mechanism in a scheduler service , which never hungs.

Any help is appreciated.

S Banu. :idea:

Hi Banu,

Are you getting any error when this thing happen. And check the service usage whether the service is having any running instances.

If you are getting any error regarding the FTP login then try to increase the retry limit ( if it is less ) for FTP login. And also if there is any large file then it may cause some delay happen due to which the session will get expire. Hence check the session time out parameter as well and update it if required.

And about implementing the ftp:logout in catch block is in case of any failure during the service execution exits from the try block and goes to catch block but the FTP session would remain as it is for a while. To avoid that we can implement a logout service in catch block.

But best practice is to implement it in “finally”, because in case of success or error either step we would have to do a logout.



In addition to Venkata suggestion.

Please check the frequency of scheduler [Scheduler timing]. Scheduler repeat time should be greater than FTP service execution time. The best pratice is to tick, Repeat after completion.