Scheduler are getting suspended automaticaly.


We got two 7.1.2 servers running in cluster. They got set of schedulers running on anynode mode and they are running with a particular user.

These schedulers are going to the suspended mode while running in cluster - any mode but when we put them to run on either one node then they are working fine. The error we are getting is “User xyz is removed”, but that is not true and when runnign individually they are able to recoznize the user.

Simple enabling and disabling of scheduler is not working.

Please suggest what could be the issue?


Punit kumar

Check if the user is on both the nodes and has similar ACL’s and is associated to similar groups.


Thanks Kishore,

We did what is suggested, we also created new user to run the schecduler but we could not succed where as other user in the same group can run the scheduler.



Since you didn’t say much about your configuration I’ll just braindump a couple of things from the top of my head.

Did you run migrateTasksToJDBC ? search for it in IS Administrator guide if not.
Are both nodes sharing same DB tables where appropriate?
Both nodes have central user repository enabled?

I see you are on 7.1.2, SP3 is out- you should schedule an upgrade.
At least check if you have any IS Core fixes, I noticed that the latest core fixes address
multiple cluster issues, couldn’t see your issue specifically. Though a couple I could see as being related.

Or even better, open a ticket with SAG support and let us know the result.

There are also a few scheduler related fixes on top of 7.1.2, instead of going all the way to 7.1.3 that you might want to consider looking at . . .