Scheduled Task and Asset Build Environment

The Deployer User Guide states this is how you get istask (Scheduled Task) assets. Which I find odd because you ultimately want to get all of your content from source control and not some database where anyone could have changed something. Am I missing something? Anyways, I have yet to get an istask assets using ABE. ABE has access to every folder, but it will never get the istask assets.

Has anyone had any luck with ABE and scheduled task? I always get this message - [java] [7/20/18 3:57 PM][MESSAGE] istask.istask: Cannot find configuration files for asset istask. As a result, Integration S
erver cannot extract the assets.

From the deployer guide

Scheduled tasks

The Asset Build Environment extracts this asset from a database, and requires either of the following:

If you are using the embedded database, the

Asset Build Environment must have access to Integration Server_directory\instances\instance_name\db \embedded directory.

If you are using an external database, the Asset Build

Environment requires access to the JDBC con?guration ?les.

Hi Dustin,

when using an external database the mentioned configuration files are located under Integration Server_directory\instances\instance_name\config\jdbc.

Most likely the “IS Internal” function (and associated pool) will be the one to search for.


Thanks Holger.

I was able to get it working this weekend. My source directory is contents pulled from source control and I didn’t have anything in the config\jdbc\functions or config\jdbc\pool directories. Even though the jdbc connection wouldn’t ever work when the connection string is trying to use IntegratedSecurity=true (I’m on windows) I got it to work just using SQL logins. I’ll worry about that issue later, just wanted to see how this all works.

I’m still confused on why SAG goes to the database for scheduled tasks and the file system for almost everything else. How are you supposed to version control scheduled task? If using scheduled task with ABE you have to have your fingers crossed whatever database you use with ABE has the correct data, unless I’m missing something.