Scheduled service not running

Hi all,
I have a scheduled service that did not run. Its next run time is stuck at 0.0 with a status set to Active. Has anyone else come across this issue and have found a way to resolve? or found reasons to why this happens?



Yes that behavior is there. but to troubleshoot / resolve this you first need to restart the IS and also may need to raise the JDBC Pool max connections or check db connection resources available for the main IS DB connection during any time before this scheduler job hang happened.

Also make sure the Settings–> Resource page the server thread pool how many maximum threads were allocated to handle the load.


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thanks rmg for the help.

off topic, do you know if/how I can check available resources from the past within a time frame?

Please check the logs and see if you find any errors related to it and there is no way to look at it unless you have more monitoring component like OFI etc… or try to parse/read the stats.log it gives the resource threads info with the timestamp duration sort of things.


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Hi Cory,

if this happens, you can just edit and save the affected scheduler without any changes.

This will reset the next run value to a meaningful value.


Yes, I’ve encounter this before, the flow service is running, and it might take longer time to complete or the service has hang somewhere, there are few ways you can try to work on it

  1. check server log to fine tune the flow service
  2. you can go the admin page “service Usage”, check whether the related service is running and base on the Last Ran time to determine whether the service is hang, this might allow you to know which service is causing the problem and fine tune the flow service if necessary
  3. From the Admin page “Service Usage” try to stop the running service if found the service it is hung, if successfully stop the services and next scheduled service will be able to start run