SAX & Tamino

Hi All,
I want to get a bytestream out of Tamino so I can parse it using SAX, I’ve already written some code and it should work just fine, but it doesn’t do anything (no failure either). Can anybody help me by giving me some sample code?

Which version of Tamino are you using and which Java API?

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I’m using Tamino Version, jdk1.3.1_01 and using the latest Tamino API

Which Tamino API?
The HTTP Client API for Java (Taminoclient.jar) or the Tamino API for Java (TaminoAPI4J.jar)?

the latest API for Tamino thus is TaminoAPI4J.jar

I posted a SAX sample in the forum “Tamino API for Java”. Checkout SAX-Sample.

Cheers, Christian.

BTW: Please use the forum “Tamino API for Java” for further questions around TaminoAPI4J, Thanks!