Save service input to string

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to save flow service’s input into a string within the very same service.

I thought about finding contextId and using monitoring tools (getPipeline), but this requires turning on monitoring for those services. Quite a big disadvantage…

Any other solutions?

I’ve searched the forum and it seems like the contextId solution is the only way out :frowning:


This saves the pipeline to a file on the IS machine. I want to save it to a string inside a map, invoke or whatever (inside my flow service) and then be able to use it in further service steps (eq. save it to my own db).


I’m building a monitoring tool of my own :wink:

I guess I could go down the path of why you’d want to reinvent something but…

You could create a Java service that examines the pipeline and converts it to a string format of some sort. pipeline.toString() might be sufficient for your needs.

The solution was realy simple… all you need is to write a java service with no input and invoke the service with pipeline as document parameter…