Save Logging Settings - Server.cnf not saving settings


See Advantage document:

Integration Server adding/Removing Proxy settings to server.cnf automatically on webmethods 7.1.2 [TA-20090324-211952]

These settings are also added to server.cnf file if you do “Save Changes” in Logging  Edit Logging Settings Save Changes.

We are having some performance problems with one of the services and we noticed when we do this Save Changes that service is performing like it should, very fast. After restart of IS only thing that seems to be different is that these settings are missing from server.cnf.

So is there way to leave it permanently in server.cnf file? I notice that there are also other settings in Server.cnf that don’t have any value and still loaded every time with restart of IS.

Any help appreciated! :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ve tried out the same thing on my extended setting and the settings remains in the server.cnf file after restart of IS, although its not visible in the extended settings page.

So I beleive, the settings is infact is in use.


For your information,Proxy settings are not saved to server.cnf if they have default values (i.e. empty values). Therefore, when IS shutdowns or someone edit extended settings and proxy settings have default empty values, then it will be removed from server.cnf file and will not displayed in “Show and Hide Keys