Save filter modal dialog problem

When you try to save a filter with an empty name an error is displayed on the popup which is displayed for saving. If you click “Cancel” and then try to save again that filter the error message is still displayed on the popup.

This also happens if you save a filter with a name and then you try to save another filter with the same name. An error is displayed and if you click Cancel and then try to save again the filter the error is still there.

I’m not really sure what filters you are talking about. Would you please attach a screen shot or describe the use-case more in depth?


I am talking about a normal Filter tab from a Search Bar component.

I think you are referring to what we call Saved Searches. It sounds like there won’t be any workaround available and you’ll need to file a Service Request.


Yes, I am talking about the Saved Searches.
Thank you for your answer.
I have posted a Service Request on Empower.