Option tab from Search bar control

We have a request to add an error message when saving someting in the Options tab of the Search Bar control.

The request was generated by the following behaviour:

  1. Login to the application
  2. Filter is done automaticaly after login (but it is not the saved one)
  3. Click on “Filter” (my saved filter is done)
  4. Open the Details page for a document
  5. Go back to inbox after few minutes (results of another filter are

The scenario could have something to do with the Options, when:
Search tab: Saved - details
Selected Saved Search: free/nothing selected
checkbox at “Run selected saved search when window is displayed”

The request is that, “in Options (when saving them), there should appear an error message, that I have not selected any saved filter.
It has no sense to choose “Saved filter” and not to specify which one.”

Did anyone did something similar?
Can we somehow control what is behind the Options tab of the Search Bar control in order to put a validation message?

Let me ask a couple of quick questions:

  1. What version of MWS are you working with?
  2. Are you talking about Task Inbox Search options?



Bellow you can find my answers:

  1. We are working on MWS version 7.1.3.
  2. Yes, I am talking about Task Inbox Search Oprtions.


Thanks for clarifying. Some controls are decomposable (using the Customize Context menu), but that wasn’t implemented until Designer 8.x, and it also wasn’t implemented for the Options portion of the Search Bar Control.

As a result, there isn’t a convenient way to implement your own custom validation.

The inconvenient way would be to override beforeRenderRequest(), and if you haven’t already done it, manually add a Validator Control to the correct location in the JSF Component tree that makes up the Options tab. This will be quite difficult though.