SAP6.5 Listener in Pending State

I am working on SAP 6.5, when I tried to configure my listener, it is not getting enabled and shows as “Pending”.

This is the error that I recieve:
[ART.115.3258] Adapter Runtime (Listener): Fatal error in listener GE_OASIS_SAP_Listener:OASIS_SAP_Listener. See error log for details [SAP.104.9151] WmSAP Adapter: Error on initializing listener: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError - null

I have tried to configure my SAP Adapter connection and Listener in different sessions but still the problem exists. Can some one help me on this.
My WmSAP is completely loaded and my SAP Adapter connection is enabled.

Deepti :slight_smile:

Hi Deepti,

Please check there webMethods Adavantage Site[SAP Adapter Fix]there is fix for your problem.
"WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1_Fix4"I think it will fix your problem.


Hi Deepthi,

Check with all parameters througly
Program ID :- wmuser
Gateway Host :- (this should be same with Application Server in the connection )
Gateway Service :- sapgw10 (sapgw…system no of SAP)
Number of Threads 10
Repository Server :-sapConnGrp1
SNC Enabled :-No
SNC Quality of Service :-Use global build-in default settings
SNC Name
Authorization Service
Unicode Listener Yes
RFC Trace On
Log transaction status On
Store message body On