SAP userid locks periodically

We just went live with our SAP system. We use the SAP adapter for IS4.6, not the Business Connector. Periodically, the SAP userid (that we’re using for our listeners and connection to SAP) will lock. We have to have an R/3 basis guy unlock the userid in SAP.

Has anyone seen this before and has a solution or a reason for it happening? I have searched all logs and cannot find any useful information. Thanks!! I have fixpack 3a on our SAP adapter.

Have your SAP sysadmin check the SAP system log. The most common reason for a user-id to be disabled is excessive logon failures. In any event, the reason will be in the SAP logs.

This had happened several times in our environment. Always it had been excessive logon failures. Many times it turned out that some developers had configured SAP adapter locally with wrong adapters (sometimes without their knowing). Make sure that no developers have configured SAP adapters from his local desktop. If you cannot find any ask your SAP sysadmin to check for the logon attempts from IP address