SAP User privileges to pull IDOCs

Hello All,
We are using wm 6.5 and SAP adapter 4.6 with SP5 and fix12. I would like to ask you this:

  1. We created an SAP connection on WM and a listener to receive the idocs from SAP.
  2. When we posted the idocs from SAP we didn’t get the same on wm. Later when we dig into the issue we found that the user with which we created SAP connection doesn’t have all the privileges to pull the idoc from the SAP port. When the privileges are given, the idocs came to WM.
  3. Is there any facility on wm to know this user privileges issue? I feel that when the SAP user is not able to pull the idocs there should be a way to let the wm admin know about it through server logs or some other way. Did anybody has an approach to do this?


You can always give by default Administrator privileges for the SAP system that sends/receives IDOC’s…so this shouldn’t be an issue.


Hello RMG,
The SAP guys will give us a communication user credentials to create an SAP connection in webMethods and listener id details. I didn’t get where I can set admin previliges in this scenario. As a developer or wm administrator I can’t go and check on SAP side what privileges are given to this communication user on SAP.
Could you please eloborate on this?


The SAP adapter doesn’t PULL the IDOCs from SAP - the SAP system sends them.

The SAP user that you use to logon to the SAP system needs to have a system user or communications type to register the listener on the sap gateway. Once that is done SAP will then post the IDOCs to the listener.

For posting IDOCS to SAP the user needs to have appropriate SAP roles to carry out the processing in the IDOCs.