Just wondering if anyone has been able to get the SAP Adapter 7.1 working with SAP S/4 HANA On-Premise Edition 1809 ??
The SAP Adapter System Requirements (“”) only states that the SAP Adapter supports Edition 1709.

Would anyone know when a new version of the SAP Adapter will be released that supports Edition 1809 and Edition 1909 (apparently being release in 4th quarter) ??

Hi David,

I suggest you raise a support incident with SAG global support and check out if it’s supported officially. That is the best way to get R&D confirmation whether it’s working or not.

Hi David,

which version of wM are you running on?

When it is 10.1 or newer there is a newer SAP Adapter 10.1 available.
This one also allows access to secured gatway ports at the sap system side for listeners, i.e. sapgw00s/4800 which is not possible with SAP Adapter 7.1.