SAP RFC Server Adpater under new service pack 4

I have just installed the SAP adapters service pack 4. As outlined in the release notes, the RFC server adapter operations now have an RFC lookup field to find and an RFC in SAP and retrieve its meta data. This is at odds with what we were doing prior to the patch. Back then I was defining an RFC that does not exist in SAP but only exists on the adapter. A SAP ABAP program would then call this RFC on an outbound destination pointing to the adapter, thereby triggering an integration from within SAP.

Now, it seems the RFC that I enter in the configured operation has to exist in SAP. Has the adapter functionality in fact changed, or am I missing something? Does anyone know of any expanded documentation beyond the release notes for this service pack?


I think the basic functionality is the same. The RFC lookup is basically looking for the calling ABAP program (function mudule). I guess now you have to develop the ABAP RFC first and then goto to EI to configure the operation.
Hope this helps.