SAP RFC Client and Server adapter is giving javautilmissingResourceException

Can someone help me resolving SAP RFC Client and server Adapter problem: I am getting this error message when running any SAP or Mail adapter in debug mode:
“java.util.missingResourceException Can’t find resources for base name com.wm.adapter.jdbc.JDBCResources locale en”
My all other adapters are running fine except SAP and Mail adapter. even these adapter were running fine till yesterday. any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Hi Sanjeev,

I am also faced with the above error on my Oracle adapter. My systems is running on SunOS 5.8.

Have you got your problem solved? If you do, would you mind sharing the solution with me?

Thank you very much.



This pb is sometimes due to security privileges.

I resolve it by applying this steps :

  • stop the adapter service (S50adapter40)
  • remove the *.dat files in …/adapters40/
  • restart the adapter service (S50adapter40)

Wish that will help you