SAP RFC Calls Need help

I’m new to webMethods and need help in writing flow services for extracting data from SAP to a Oracle database.
We are using SAP Business Connector. I need to write a flow service that can call a BAPI and get the records and map it to the table in an Oracle database and finally load the table.

I’m a novice, so this question could be stupid.

Have you got a particular BAPI in mind?
If so, the only service you need is
It sounds like you’re not planning on updating any information in SAP, so you won’t need any of the session overhead (lockSession/releaseSession) or commits.
After that, you’ll presumably have your data in some sort of structure (recordList, etc.). Just loop over it, and run an execSQL to insert your records into the database.
Hope that helps a little …


Hi, Everyone. I’m trying to use BAPI_SALEORDERS_SIMULATE through the SAP Business Connector, but first i need to slice the input file. I would receive a SOAP message and in its body would be the sales document header and the sales document detail. The character field separator is | and the record separator is $. I’ve tryied with some examples that came with the SAP BC, but I can’t understand how can i begin and how can i call the BAPI.

Can anyone help me? It’s my SAP BC first time.

Thanx a lot.