SAP(Outbound) to wM6.1 issues

Hi All,

I am trying to send an IDOC(ORDERS) from SAP to wM 6.1 through SAP Adapter 4.6SR1(Jco ver 2.0.1,RFC lib version 620.XXX).

I have set both the destination and the listener to Unicode and set up corresponding routing rules.The problem is when ever an IDOC is submitted ,In the transactions screen, I can see the IDOC being logged with a TID.

When I look into the data I can only see the control data being logged not the actual data under SDATA records.Also Some times I see the transactions being disappeared wholly.

I think this has to do with the JCO versions.Did somebody faced these issues?If so pls help me with a solution…

Upgrading to JCO 2.1.9 and SAP adapter 4.6 SP5 solved the problems