SAP Listener Performance


Appreciate your help here.

Currently, we are running I.S. 6.1 SP1/FP2. We have SAP Adapter 4.6 and
Partner Manager (WmPartners.)

We have 1 SAP Server alias defined, with 1 Listener of 5 listener threads.

We recently encounter an interesting scenario (actually, production issues).

We are receiving Invoices from the SAP System, and the performance is satisfactory (100 IDocs / min).
However, for acknowledgements (which is itself much smaller than Invoice), the performance slows down to (3~5 / mins).

We have problems identified where the problem lies.

On the webMethods side, we have 1 routing rule for Invoices and 1 routing rule for Acknowledgement. The processing flow service for acknowledgement is much more light-weight (essentially, we are doing nothing for ack except logging, etc)

SAP Basis folk claims that the setup (ALE Parter, RFC Destination…)
on the SAP side are the same for the 2 IDoc/Message types.

Appreciate your experience here.


I assume that the acks are going back to into SAP… True? This may be unrelated info but I felt compelled to reply since I wanted to also check out the “new” wmusers website. :slight_smile:

Anyway - the thread listener setting of 5 threads are only used for outbound traffic from SAP to WM IS. Inbound traffic to SAP from IS is controlled by another thread setting under SAP Adapter > Settings, I think… Thread pool if I remember correctly. This setting is for all inbound traffic to SAP so you might want to be careful with how high you set this.


please check the knowledge base on Advantage. There is an Technical Article ( related to performance of SAP Adapter.

Additionally you can try the following search words (“SAP Performance”) to find more SRs and Forum Entries related to this.

For receiving the SPs and Fixes for SAP Adapter and WmPartners package contact webMethods Support via SRs.


The suggestions in the Advantage article match the Gear 6 documentation as well. To improve performance, apply all the fixes available, turn off logging and audeting if possible.
You can also run the Integration Server in a cluster with a load balancer to increase thruput.