SAP Integration

What are the best possible way to integrate with SAP without using “SAP Adapter”?

The possible way might be you have to use Seebeyond eGate Server or any other external software that can talks with SAP and let Integration Server posts the IDOC to it.We did this method in one of my project long back with WM4.0

If you have SAP BC tool then it can directly interact with SAP system.


We want to use webMethods to talk to SAP without using “SAP Adapter”.

I believe there is no way with out configuring a SAP Listener.
Please do contact WM Tech support regarding this Query.


You’d pretty much have to replicate the same logic that already resides in the SAP adapter. This effort ranges from RFC listener mangement/configuration, data manipulation of your In, Out, and Tables, and all of the possible error scenarios. SAP provide a C library that you’d have to write Java native wrappers around; there is a project underway at SAP that will provide a 100% Java implementation, but I do not know the current status of it.

The other option that I could think of is to use SAP XI which is web service based. The work is the same, but at a different level.

Is there a specific reason for not wanting to use the SAP adapter?

Yes, as we are going to get rid of SAP in near future, so don’t want to go with Adapter at this time. As SAP Application server can do required HTTP REQUST and RESPONSE, can we use that feature ?

If SAP server supports handling HTTP requests then webMethods can post IDOC’s,xml documents using HTTP transport.

The SAP WAS (starting at version 6.10 - now 6.40) is an HTTP server.

It is a true apps server :slight_smile: … SOAP stack - WebServices, etc


I would invite you to look at the SAP NetWeaver Technology plateform


SAP WAS: [url=“”][/url]


I’m about to start a project where we are looking to integrate wM 6.1 with SeeBeyond to get to SAP. There has been some discussion in this form around the wM to SeeBeyond portion of this. What are the options for integrating wM to SeeBeyond? What worked well? Issues and problems? Recommendations?


In one of my earlier projects we had similar scenario to integrate webMethods4.0 with SeeBeyond(eGate Server) to get to SAP.(Bidirectional communication XML-IDOC-XML)
Here we have used HTTP transport that posts (IDOC)from WM to eGate and it will route to SAP system.
We tested and moved it to production which is working as expected.

Sorry i am not a SeeBeyond developer to explain more in detail about this layer.

And this project was implemented couple of yrs back, i dont think there is a SAP adapter released at that time.

But now webMethods has SAP Adapter which can directly communicate with SAP.So it will be easier to handle instead of using another layer seeBeyond.


My question was why SeeBeyond and not the SAP Adapter which RMG hinted at?

Chris - the customer has chosen/implemented SeeBeyond as their EAI tool for integrating w/ SAP. They wish to do all data mapping, transformation, etc. in this tool. SeeBeyond is certified with SAP. The connection between wM and SeeBeyond would be HTTP.

Otherwise I would use wM<–>SAP directly.

Thoughts? Risks?



The project which i told above is done in AMS onsite…I think you are now in that…
I believe we have to go as customer says…



I always choose to go direct whenever presented with the opportunity. The wm SAP Adapter is also certified. Removing SeeBeyond would remove 2 potential points of failure.

That being said. If the customer is dictating what to use then enough said. If they are already using SeeBeyond and the mappings to SAP are already in place then it probably makes sense. If not this may be a good time to consult to the client and present alternatives. Even if they’re already using it, it would depend on how much integration is already running through it.

I don’t remember if there’s additional cost for the SAP Adapter so cost would be a factor.

Just my thoughts.

Can any body give some idea regarding webMethods repository server ?
Its usages and some general idea

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  I am working on SAP R/3 Adapter(IS 6.1) .To get data from SAP System ,I used Function Module (BAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETLIST) .For that  Function Module i have created "SAP calling SAPBC MAP" .The MAP creates a flow service in Developer with two input fields (COMPANYCODE,COMPANYNAME) and some RETURN values .So when i gave values to those two fields, the Integration server is shutting down.Could any one please help in this problem . 

Thanks in advance.

Michel R. Osborne mentioned that the SAP WAS 6.40 has the capabilities to expose functions as webservices. As I understand it, that is exactly how SAP Xi is used - it communicates via the webservices.
My question is how to expose these functions as webservices in SAP (how do I create a WSDL file that I can import into WM Developer)?


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  Can we get the SAPbc 4.0 developer.exe for the installation anywhere?
    we have the SAPbc 4.6 which is not supporting some features required by us. Can somebody help me if they are working on or they know where exactly can I search or get it?

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You may have to contact either SAP or wM Tech support for BC/IS…Do you have license for SAPBC/IS4.0 components??