SAP integration using IDOC

We are planning to use SAP 4.6 adpater for SAP integration using webmethods 6.5 Integration server. We will be using IDOC for al integrations. Total 55 type of IDOcs will be flowing between SAP and Webmethods.Now I have question regarding performance. What SAP people are telling is that we will configure only one listner for all transactions.
1)Is it good idea to have one listner or there shoud be multiple listners?.
2) also we can configure value of threads while configuring listner what basis this value can be decided.
3)Is there mechanism to deliver x type of idoc over all other types



I believe having one listener should be ok but some times if the idocs are commnincation from different business units/sectors located geographically then multiple listeners would be ideal way.

Yes configuring thread value in listener page can be done,but i didnt remember max or best count etc…hope some one can chim on this.


RMG, Thanks it helps lot. But one more point There is requirement if some thousand docs are in Q and pertical type of IDOC should have prority. Can this be achieved with one listner or I should createseperate listner for this IDOC.