SAP Emulator in webMethods

Hi All,
One of our system “A” can connect only to SAP server and not able to connect to any other system. But As per our policy all the systems should go through webMEthods to connect SAP server. So system “A” should go through webMethods to connect to SAP.

 So Integration should be   [b]A <--> webMethods <--> SAP[/b] 

As system “A” can connect only to SAP to achieve the connectivity between system A and webMethods , webMethods should act as SAP Emulator. What I mean Emulator is,It should be able to take the SAP connection parameters ( inputs of RFC call ) as inputs and send the response similar to SAP.

Can any one have any idea/clue how we can create SAP Emulator in webMethods ?

Thanks in Advace.


What is the mechanism here to connection to system A from webMethods?

Is it a Web Service or real time external app or website or trading entity you are feeding the data to?

You can use differrent terminology you call it as but Integration is generic for the design you are explaining?

YES doing via RFC call (SAP adapter service) you can get request/reply from SAP RFC (run by ABAP/BADI) and send it to any external or internal entity.


Thanks for your reply.

system “A” can not consume/provide a webservice.Not even make a HTTP call. It is Master Data Management System ( DataFlux Federation Server). It has only options to connect SAP server / Database. No options for customization.

system A can give parameter which they use to connect SAP ( like hostname and cleint … etc ) So webMethods should act as SAP.

NOTE : We have planned for integration like system A <–> Database <–> webMEthods <–> SAP . But this solution is not agreed as Database will add one more HOP and also we require synchronous communication.

System A - what it takes as input to feed the response from SAP? Does it has any tables that wM can access it for data inserts?

You cannot say target system A cannot handle handle and yes DB layer in the middle can be one of the solution.