SAP Business Connector to MQSeries

Has anyone connected SAP BC to MQSeries using the IS MQSeries adapters? Since BC is really an IS, it should be able to support all IS adapters, including MQSeries, no?

thank you in advance.

It does support all adapters. But you may be in violation of your license if you install additonal adpaters that connect to non-SAP systems

What do you mean? If I use a MQSeries adapter on my BC, I might be violating something? Isn’t that the point of using adapters? Again, thank you in advance for your time.

You’re exactly right sam. The whole intent of BC is to connect to non-SAP systems. However, there is a scenario to be aware of.

From what I’ve been told, the BC licensing is such that SAP must be a part of any integration that is developed.

For example, if you use BC and a couple of adapters to connect Oracle 11i to a web-based custom app, and SAP isn’t involved in any part of that integration, then you may be violating the license.

In other words, BC isn’t supposed to be used as a general purpose, all-encompassing integration platform–licensing requires that SAP be involved in at least a part of any integrations that are hosted in BC.

Of course I may be completely off-base here so someone please chime in if you have additional info.

Here is the info page from SAP on BC licensing:

Who can get the SAP Business Connector (SAP BC)?
Any SAP Customer and SAP Partner who has purchased a SAP License is entitled to receive the SAP BC.
Software vendors who do not have a SAP License can also obtain a limited license for SAP BC through the SAP Partner Program. Interested software vendors may contact the SAP Integration & Certification Center.
The following explanations do not apply to these partners.

What is allowed under the SAP BC License?
The license terms are very simple: The SAP BC Licensee has the right to use SAP BC for everything that is technically possible as long as it serves to integrate with SAP Software. Example scenarios are illustrated below. You can use SAP BC as your open-solutions platform for conducting B2B Transactions between your SAP System and your trading partners, regardless of what technology they are using.

What support can an SAP BC Licensee expect from SAP?
With SAP BC the licensee receives a fully established SAP Product for which SAP guarantees support according to the support level agreement with the customer. SAP also offers professional services and education.

What else does a SAP BC Licensee get?
SAP BC is based on technology from SAP’s Partner webMethods. There is a wealth of additional add-on packages available for the SAP BC for integration with other internal ERP Applications, EAI Software, legacy systems, etc. You can find more details on the Tools & Services Page of SAP BC and then follow the link to Adapters and Add-ons.

What do I have to do if my configuration does not cover these restrictions?
In that case please contact webMethods to get an Integration Server or Adapter for other ERP Systems than SAP. But remember: webMethods is not entitled to sell any SAP BC. You may only get it from webMethods bundled with two Non-SAP Adapters at the same time and without charge.

What additional license terms are there for connecting to SAP Systems via SAP BC?
All SAP connectors are licensed without additional license fees as part of the respective solution or component license. However, please note that each developer using a connector is required to get a respective development license and that all users accessing application functionality through the relevant connector are required to be licensed under a respective solution or component license.

I am using sap along with bc so I should be fine. However, if I use a MQ adapter, am I in violation?

As long as SAP is involved somewhere along the way within your integration, you should be fine. Of course the definitive answer would come from wM. If you’re unsure, ask your account rep.