SAP Business Connector - set iDoc status

Does anybody know, how sets SAP the iDoc’s status (table: EDIDS) after that it was sent to Business Connector. I know, that iDoc gets the status ‘03’, when it was sent to another system. But when and how does it get the status ‘12’ - ‘Processed - OK’ after that? Are SAP waiting for any answer from Business Connector? Or SAP asks scheduled the status of the sent iDocs? Or? (Is there any timeout, to get answer?)

I ask it, why sometimes will be set only the iDoc’s status ‘03’ olthought it was well processed by BC.


Hello Dezso,
there are two ways to set the IDoc status to 12:
a) Schedule the report RBDMOIND. This report checks the tRFC status in SM58, and when
it finds out that the tRFC has reached the target system (=Business Connector)
successfully, it changes the IDoc status from 03 to 12.
See also the documentation of that report.
b) In the SAPAdapterGuide read the chapter “Using the ALE Monitoring Features via the
SAP BC”. (Ch.7 and here in particular page 29 (in 4.8))
If you activate the SYSTAT01 feature on the Business Connector, then the BC
will set the IDoc status to 12 after it successfully processed the IDoc (or to 11 in case
of an error).

Best Regards, Lanzelot