Does anyone know how to configure SSL to work with SAP. The problem we are having is that SAP puts a string at the end of the url and SSL sees it as an unidentified file. Does anyone know how to get around this?

Hi, Shannon.

Configuring SSL to work with the SAP BC or the SAP Adapter for Integration Server should not require additional configuration.

You may want to reference the following documents and discussion threads for some pointers:

    [*]webMethods SAP R/3 Adapter User's Guide 4.6 -- deploying the SAP R/3 adapter [*]webMethods SAP R/3 Adapter Best Practices 4.6 -- helpful tips on server security settings [*]Integration Server Administrator's Guide v.4.6 -- administration of the Integration Server [*][url=""][/url] [*][url=""][/url] [*][url=""][/url] [*][url=""][/url] [/list]