sap adapter Notification Error Document missing

Hi All

I have a requirement where sap system will send the request to IS over RFC synchronous call. I have created a sap adapter connection and sap listener and listener notification. Whenever sap will send the data to this RFC function Webmethod Notification will be called and it will invoke a flow service.

Above setup is working fine. However sap system gets below error some time.

[SAP.115.9561] Notification error: com.wm.lang.flow.flowexception-java.lang.exception: missing Required parameter document.

I wonder because sap uses the same request and they are able to send successfully however after 1 or two success with the same request they starts getting above error. I checked the IS logs but no logs in IS in case of above error.

In IS similar sap connection exists but that is in disable mode.Similar listener also exist but that is also in disable mode.

I am working on 9.12 IS. Above issue has become the bottle neck for me because I am not able to find out the root cause for this even not sure this is issue in webmethod side or sap side.

Quick help will be really appreciated.


what is your SAP Adapter 7.1 fix level and which version of JCo are you using?

Additionally check if the flow service being invoked has the Execution ACL “SAPUsers” assigned.


Hi Holger,

SAP adapter version is 7.1 and fix level isSAP_7.1_Fix17.

JCO version is 3.0.14.

Service execute acl is anonymous


latest Fix for SAP Adapter 7.1 is Fix18.

Can you check with latest JCo 3.0.17 SP1 and JcoIdoc 3.0.12, if this changes anything?