SAP Adapter - Missing notification - MsgType: MODEL_VIEW_REPLICATE


I’m using SAP adapter Version, Updates SAP_7.1_Fix12.
When I try to BD64 in SAP, it throws error below:

[1964]2016-01-22 12:41:08 SGT [SAP.0106.0004W] Error in inbound call for MODEL_VIEW_REPLICATE from ProdSAPDwstm: [SAP.111.9506] WmSAP Adapter: Missing notification - MsgType: MODEL_VIEW_REPLICATE (P30200 >> SAPEAIPMT).
[1963]2016-01-22 12:41:08 SGT [SAP.0115.0014I] Notification - No routing notification exists for msgType: MODEL_VIEW_REPLICATE (P30200 >> SAPEAIPMT) in list of 0 registered notifications.
[1962]2016-01-22 12:41:08 SGT [SAP.0114.0002I] RFC:InboundProcess - Message sent to Routing Listener.

The connection test in SM59 is working fine.
Anybody can help?

Thanks in advance.

Musa – It seems issue is with notifications. Have you done changes in listeners or listener notifications ?


We’ve resolved this today.
It seems there’s a misconfiguration at our SAP’s partner profile. Fixed that, and it’s working now.

Musa – Good to hear. Can you please elaborate a bit more, if possible share the screen shot which posses wrong and the corrected details which may useful to other members. Thanks for your efforts.