Sap Adapter Issue in adapter version(

Hi All,

I am looking for quick response from all forum members who have idea abt wM SAP AdapterService.Issue here is we have two server with A IS 7.1.2 version & sap adapter version with patch wmSAP_7-1-0_Fix1 & JCA spec Version 1.0 & OS version B.11.23 other configuration as JCo version 3.0.3 7 Jco version JavaRFc & Jco middleware version 2.2.1 & jco native Libarary version 720.22 & idoc libarary version 3.0.3.

while we are able to create SAP connection fine but while configuring sap adapter service & providing BAPI name or IDoc name in tab FunctionName in sap adapter service it does show meta data geting fetch from SAP all other fields are not displaying in adapter service but

same second server with IS version 7.1.2 with sap aadapter version 6.5.0 with patch WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1 JCo Version 2.1.8 (2006-12-11) JCo Middleware Version 2.1.8 (2006-12-11) jRFC Library Version 2.1.8 (2006-12-11) IDoc Library Version 1.0.4 (2006-10-10) JCoIDoc Library Version 1.0.8 (2008-01-31) it working fine.I mean to say while creating sap adapter service with same connection configuration i am able to see Meta data getting fetch in adapter service & all fields are displaying properly.

Find the screen shot attached one A IS 7.1.2 SAP adapter & B IS 7.1.2 with sap adapter 6.5.0.

Please provide resolution.
Appreciate your quick response


Are you connecting to ECC 6 version of SAP, or any other latest version?

Hi I am using two IS

A IS 7.1.2 SAP adapter - sap adapter service not working

B IS 7.1.2 with sap adapter 6.5.0.c - sap adapter service working

While connecting to BAPI Function Name we are not able to fetch Meta data in sap adapter service … but same configuration,connection we are able to do in sap adapter version 6.5.

please find the screen shot in above thread wch will give u exact problem i am facing here.